Award Winning Photographer

Saurabh Dua is an experienced fashion photographer based in New Delhi, India. With over two decades in the industry, he specializes in fashion, beauty, editorial, and advertising photography. Saurabh has collaborated with renowned brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Van Heusen, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, GQ, Hello, Femina, Tanishq, Lifestyle, and Kingfisher.

His exceptional skills have earned him international recognition, including the prestigious International Photography Award in 2015. Apart from photography, he enjoys watching movies, taking his dog for a walk, playing badminton, and traveling with his family. For Saurabh, photography is not just his work; it’s a way of capturing and cherishing the meaningful moments that make life truly special.

Questions & Answers

How do you describe your style of photography?

I call myself a fashion and advertising photographer and I will describe my style as cinematic, timeless, and classic. I am very spontaneous with my shoots and I believe in capturing the real beauty of my subjects.

How did you get into photography?

My first SLR was given to me by my uncle at a very early age. After playing with it for a couple of years during my school days, I decided to make my career in photography, specifically fashion photography.

Is lighting an essential aspect of your work or do you depend more on post-production?

In this regard, I am very old school. I still use a light meter and my camera is always on “M” mode. I light up my subjects mostly in a cinematic yet natural way. I mainly use continuous lights rather than strobes in my work. Good lighting on my subjects gives me immense satisfaction.

How important is a fashion photographer in today’s advertising?

Photographers, in general, are highly skilled professionals who use their talent and technical expertise to create stunning images. Fashion photographers play a vital role in creating visually appealing images that capture the essence of a brand to establish a unique aesthetic.

Does a fashion photographer’s team also play a vital role in building up an image?

Whether it’s a model, makeup artist, hairstylist, fashion stylist, and sometimes even an art director and producer. Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, and their contributions are essential for the success of any shoot.

Who was your mentor when you were starting?

I was extremely lucky to have the right mentor at the right time. I finished schooling and landed in Tarun Khiwal’s Studio in the year 1999. In 2004, after working for a couple of years, I started my journey as an independent photographer.

Do you like making fashion films?

Oh, I love it. They are an extension of my process of creating art and this was a natural progression for me from fashion photography.

In today’s Instagram age, how big is the photographer’s role in building up any brand?

Photographers play a significant role in building up a brand in today’s Instagram age. By creating visually appealing images that capture the essence of a brand’s identity and values, and by providing guidance and direction on things like lighting, composition, and overall aesthetic, photographers can help brands build a strong visual identity and connect with their target audience on a personal level.